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About De Infancia

De Infancia is guided by a team of professionals, including academicians and IITians. The mentoring team provides guidance and advice to our teachers, and make sure that children get the environment that helps them in growing and evolving.

Purpose of the institute revolves around only one goal that is to provide environment that enables them to play, learn, grow and become their best selves.

Key Features

Some of highlighting features of De Infancia, where we
  • Extend a happy and safe environment that acknowledges their abilities, gifts, and curiosities
  • Have a team of qualified teachers to superintend educational program and assist kids in moving ahead to comprehensive schooling 
  • Provide a full range of scholarly resources that are suited for all children in our care
  • Make elegantly impersonated, effortlessly accessible surrounding that helps children to explore, learn and develop an attitude that inculcates better decision making and learning
  • Endeavor feedback from all parents, guardians, and consultants to keep evolving and providing better care


To develop a future generation in child-centered, nurturing and safe environment with high-quality care and exceptional education


Our aim is to provide exceptional care with creative orientation across the whole curriculum. We innovate curiosity-driven environment where


We support children holistically. Young children are similar in many ways but every child has a unique personality trait that remains consistent throughout life.
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